Single Touch Payroll for BAS Agents is a knowledge base designed specifically for professional BAS Agents. Created by Stacey Price, an award winning Chartered Accountant and BAS Agent.

This knowledge base will show you exactly how (and what) we have communicated to clients about Single Touch Payroll.

It will give you an insight into our emails, our documents, our Trello workflow and our packages. Plus we have thrown in our full engagement letter to boot.

YES - we have given you access to everything we are doing in real life 

Not just pretend, made up stuff - we are giving you access to our actual working documents. 

Now before you pull out the excuse “but I already am a BAS agent so I don't need your help", let me tell you that we know you are busy.  We know you have great intentions to do this yourself.

I get asked at least on a weekly basis... “How do you do it all? How do you run a successful (and award winning) Financial Coaching and Bookkeeping Business, work part time, manage your remote staff and still keep sane? 

The truth is, in my business I have systems for everything.  Systems that even I, as the business owner, still follow every single day.

  I often wish I had a helping hand with systems when I first started my business.

So this is my way to give back. 

To give a helping hand to other BAS agents who don't have 20 years experience behind them and really are just not sure where to start on the STP journey with clients.

So what is the return on investment I hear you ask?
After all, you are a #numbersnerd just like me.

This course is giving you inside access to our systems and processes for STP. The exact communication we are sending to clients and also to accountants to provide another revenue stream for our business. And you get ALL of that for less than the price of a one on one mentoring session.

I would call that a pretty bloody good return on investment wouldn’t you?

As a BAS Agent, have you ever said (or felt) ANY of the following?

I wish I had more time to be organised.

I wish I could just sort my shit out.

I wish I could grow my business.

I am so overwhelmed I don't know where to start.

I don’t know what to write so I just keep putting it off.

I am too scared to approach accountants to gain more work.

I will just wing it and hope I can sort it by 1st July.

I just want someone to hold my hand and guide me.

Well I feel your pain.  Why?  Because I have been there.  

When I first started my business way back in 2013 I was so focused on starting a business I didn't spend much time focusing on processes and checklists and templates.  But let me tell you, now that my systems are on point, my business is growing efficiently every single year from happy, ideal client referrals!

Happy customers and happy employees, means a happy business.  

Don't you want your customers to be your raving fans?

Don't you want your employees to all be on the same page as you?

Don't you want your business to run on its own (so you can have that elusive holiday without your computer !)

  Single Touch Payroll is a chance to show your clients that you are an expert and to offer them genuine value.

What is the value to you of happy clients who then refer other clients to your business?

Include supporting information here.

If you invest in “Single Touch Payroll for BAS Agents” now for a once off fee of $197, you could make that fee back in a single month by increasing your services to your existing clients. Not to mention gaining new clients from accounting firms.